Fluted Wood & Marble Dining Table


Fluted Wood & Marble Dining Table - Small - 92 x 92 x 75 (cm) / Carrara is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Marble & Mahogany Wood. Handmade in the Philippines, these products contribute to the island economies within the Visayas region, wherein stone crafts are the main livelihood of dwellers. Each item is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen, whose trade has passed through generations of family members. Due to the hand crafted nature of the products and the natural stone that it is composed of, no two pieces are the same. Please expect slight variations to the patterns of the stones you see in the photos.

Size Guide:

Small (Four Seater) - 92 x 92 x 75 cm (L x W x H). 

Medium (6 Seater) - 135 x 135 x 75 cm (L x W x H).

Large (8 Seater) - 152 x 152 x 75 cm (L x W x H).

Weight: Approx 80 KG for the Small, 100 KG for the Medium, 140 KG for the Large

Colour Guide: Carrara Marble is an off-white that has some dark grey speckles present throughout with the odd thin vein. It comes from Carrara, Italy. Arabescato Marble also comes from Italy however this is a bright white stone with very strong thick dark grey veins that can appear black in some parts. The distinct Arabescato veining looks almost like a bubble pattern on the slab. Beige 

Material Note: The base is made from fluted mahogany wood while the top is a solid marble natural slab (1.8 cm thick)

Limestone Care: Can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is generally less upkeep in comparison to marble. That being said, we do not recommend exposing it to high heats as there is the potential for cracking. It is up to the customer's discretion. However there are some things you can do to ensure your tray is well maintained:

1. Do not place liquids on the tables as it may cause staining. If there's a spill wipe it up quickly to avoid stains or marks forming.

2. Do not use the tables with any citrus juices or liquids (acidic, causes erosion)

3. Re-apply your own sealant after some time (fresh coats prevent staining)

Disclaimer: This table is for pre-order only. 

Lead times are approximately 5 to 8 weeks from the date of payment.

If you are located within Metro Manila then shipping can be done with same day pick up or delivery. If you are provincial then please expect added time.

Please note: Natural marble is naturally porous and can have small fissures in the surface. Travertine especially has a lot of fissures as a natural characteristic of the stone and is not a flaw.

If you are located within Metro Manila then shipping can be done with same day pick up or delivery. If you are provincial then please expect added time. Additionally, limestone is NOT marble. It is its own variation of stone. Thus it has different density among other properties. It is a lighter material so it has the added benefit of being less bulky in comparison to marble (making it easier to handle).

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