Top 5 Home Decor Pieces I Want (But Can’t Afford)

Being cooped up at my apartment due to covid-19 has left me with too much time to browse Instagram and to dream of ways to redecorate. I’m sure I’m not alone here. To save me from my boredom, I’ve come up with a list of my top 5 home decor pieces I wish I had, if money and space were not factors.


1. Roly Poly Chair designed by Faye Toogood ($685)


To me, this chair exudes fun and confidence. If you’re able to put this in your home, then you’re a baller who just wants to have fun! Also, I really like the name since it reminds me of my favourite childhood cartoon, Rolie Polie Olie. Wondering if that’s where they got inspiration for the name from… 


2. George 74 Ceramic Sculpture from BDB NY ($1,025)


I love this ceramic sculpture by Re Jin Lee of BDB NY because you can feel all the artistry and technique that has gone into it. Achieving the shapes and colour of this delicate piece means that you must really have honed in your craft. I think having a ceramic sculpture like this would also tell the world that I have my sh*t in order and that I am mature, which is what anyone in their mid-20s would want to tell the world. 


3. “Twist” Sofa by Nina Edwards Anker ($24,000)



This unique L-shaped sofa is one of my dream furniture pieces. It plays with your eyes and changes form depending on where you’re looking at it and attests to the skill and vision of the designer. Nina Edwards Anker makes cool minimalist pieces and also has a great line of rattan furniture dubbed as the “knotties” that I would also love to have. 


4 & 5) Royère seating, Floating Stone Table by Vervoodt, Anish Kapoor Sculpture (Price Unknown)



I’m not sure if it’s a cop out that I’m grouping 4-5 together or it might be me and my desire to be friends with the Kardashians, but I must say I do love KimYe’s furniture and home. In particular, this room designed by Axel Vervoodt. The upholstered seats were by Royère and the Floating Stone table by Vervoodt oozes simplistic elegance. I love the table for its minimalist contribution to the room. The white Anish Kapoor sculpture ties it all together. Getting a piece by an artist like Kapoor, tells me that you know your stuff and this is exactly what they did. It’s also such a power move to have placed the white sculpture on a white wall so the sculpture blends in with the room, rather than become its focal point. 

This room is the epitome of simplicity, taste and luxury. Each piece in this room is also the best example of aspiration as I can only dream to have these pieces since they’re all so one of a kind! 

The top 5 I’ve listed here are just a hodgepodge of furniture pieces I think are super interesting. I’m not an interior decorator so there’s no one set theme or vibe I’m going for, so don’t hate my friends! 

June 05, 2020 — Gabriella Villafuerte