About Us

Ren is the Danish word for 'clean' which has become our design ethos. We wanted to create timeless pieces that would transcend the usual trends.

At the heart of Ren Wares are local artisans, whose skills and traditions go back generations. As a country, the Philippines is steeped in culture and rich in its resources. We wanted to go back to basics and highlight the talent present at home. By combining Filipino materials and craftsmanship with the idea of "Ren", we designed pieces to last while also capturing the Filipino culture.

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Our first home decor line focused on Filipino Marble. Unknown to many city-dwellers, the thriving marble industry of Romblon contains a plethora of skilled craftsmen whose talents have been passed down generations. We worked with various workshops from the beginning of the pandemic in order to highlight their work, provide them with stable income in times of uncertainty, as well as co-create aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting products for your home.

Built to Last

Part of the Ren mission is to be the premier source of beautifully made home decor pieces as well as a source for thoughtful & distinctive gifts for loved ones.

Marble is naturally formed from limestone as it is re-crystallized under the influence of heat, pressure, and aqueous solutions. This takes immense forces of nature as well as time, resulting in gorgeously patterned and extremely sturdy rocks.

We fell in love with the material because whether you buy an item for yourself or for someone else - you just know it's a piece for life!


At Ren Wares, we're big on slow production and attention to detail. Our pieces are lovingly handmade by skilled craftsmen who have worked in the marble industry for decades. The majority of whom have had these skills passed on from their fathers and grandfathers. New products undergo various prototypes and tests in order to perfect the technique so that each piece is as perfect possible. That being said, the beauty of our products is the fact that each piece is one of a kind. Every artisan has their own flair for finishing. Each marble block has its own distinctive veining, akin to fingerprints. As such, each piece is uniquely yours. 

As a 100% female owned and run business, we wanted to craft pieces that highlighted and celebrated the female form in all its shapes and sizes. That was the inspiration behind our sculptural pieces displayed above: Brigitte, Daniella, and Ursula. Each one is hand-carved from a solid block of marble. The Ursula even doubles as a vase due to its hollowed out top - a perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics.

All our sculptures come in the colours: Black, Century (golden brown), Gray, and White Marble.

Ren Wares

Ren is focused on creating design-driven and competitively priced homewares, whilst simultaneously highlighting Filipino talent. We are always open to collaborations, discussion, and feedback. Feel free to reach out!

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