Where are we located?

We're based in Metro Manila, but we operate out of our provincial workshops. 

Where is your marble from?

We are proud to say we only use 100% Filipino marble. Our marbles are sourced from all over the Philippines, predominantly in the Visayas area. 

Do you ship abroad?

Why yes, we do! If you're an international customer browsing the site, feel free to add your desired items to cart and your shipping rate will be calculated at check out for you. 

The one caveat, however, is we do not yet ship abroad for our larger pieces such as the tables. We have noticed that the cost of international freight has increased significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has become too difficult and unreliable to accurately quote our customers. 

How do I properly take care of my marble products?

Kindly see our Marble Care 101

Do you have a showroom where I can view your products? 

At the moment, we're based completely online with no physical showroom. Kindly send us a message on our social media channels or via email sales@renwares.store so we can work something out. 

Do you offer custom pieces? 

We do offer customisation! Reach out via DM on Instagram or via email sales@renwares.store for free quotations. 

Are you limited to marble only? 

No, we work closely with our metal and woodworks partners to help you achieve your desired designs for furniture pieces, such as tables and chairs. 

If you have any others questions, feel free to tap the 'chat with us' button on the bottom right hand side of the page. Alternatively you may send us a message via any of our social media channels (linked at the bottom of the page).

Happy shopping!