At Ren Wares we specialise in small decorative pieces, particularly in marble. We also craft larger designs for clients. Here are some samples of custom built large furniture pieces we have crafted. Please note all items are largely hand made with minimal machinery. Everything is made using locally sourced, Filipino, materials so as to minimise any environmental effects of shipping and transport. If you prefer to use imported stones do feel free to send us a message as we also carry select European stones.

Down below are a few of our favourite pieces, but you may also browse our full table catalogue here.

Organic Beige Marble Coffee Table with Steel Legs

We sourced Filipino beige marble that was custom cut into an organic almost oval-shaped table top that measured 180cm long. The client wanted custom steel legs crafted, wherein one was partially exposed cylinder and the other was a curved tube.


Round Four Seater Dining Table

We created a four seater dining table out of Romblon White marble that measures 48 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. The three pillar legs are 6 inches thick each. This table has a significant amount of weight and is definitely a factor to consider for your home. Nonetheless its compact size and the raw natural beauty of the marble complements any home, small or large.


Bed Side Tables

For an apartment project, we created custom bedside tables that measured 18 inches in diameter and 16 inches in height. These are both crafted out of a rare form of Romblon Black marble, characterised by their horizontal streaks. The polished finish adds a sleek touch and strong contrast to an otherwise soft and plush bedroom.


Storage Side Table

Unique to this family home project, we crafted a custom side table that doubles as a storage container for kids toys and other items. It measures 55 cm in height, 40 cm in opening diameter. This was also crafted out of a rare form of Ilauran White marble, characterised by its gray streaks (veining). 


Plinth for Sculpture Display

As a platform for our clients collected sculptures, this plinth was crafted from Filipino Crema Marble slabs. It measures 50cm by 50cm with 70 cm height. This plinth is actually part of a set of two plinths used in our clients living room for symmetrical accents. We can fully customise this design in different stones and dimensions.

Marble & Steel Stools

Mixing Materials: we began working with steel as a base for both travertine and marble pieces as the metal is both strong and light, reducing the overall weight of our side table pieces. The size of the pieces pictured at 45 by 45 cm with 50 cm height. These can also be customised by changing the stone, the shape of the table top, the dimensions, and even the paint finish of the metal base.

Travertine Square Side Table

For this custom table, we used Italian Beige Travertine slabs to craft a side table. This can be purchased on our website directly through this link. Although we used foreign stones, this table is lovingly handmade in Manila by an all-Filipino team using minimal machinery and traditional skills. We can also further customise this design using either local stones or foreign stones.

Accent Tables

Inspired by our Luna Trays we created the Kuu side tables as either an accent table. Photographs here show the tables in both Italian beige travertine (left) and Filipino rosetta marble (right).

Filipino Custom Wood Tables & Other Furniture Pieces

Additionally we can also create tables and other furniture pieces using wood, metal, or marble as the materials. The wood we have available are: Narra, Mahogany, or Gmelina wood.

Feel free to get in touch with us should you wish to create your own custom furniture piece.

Not Pictured But Notable Pieces

  • Customised Steel Framed Dining Chairs with Marble Inserts
  • Customised 6-Seater Marble Dining Table with a Solid Plinth Stand
  • Hollow Plinth for Statue Displays
  • Two Seater Garden Table
  • Steel Framed Side Tables

Interested in having your own pieces crafted? Shoot us a message, email us at or reach us via Instagram @ren_marble 

*All photos are our own and proprietary. Please send a message before using or attempting to disseminate it.