Ren Wares began in May 2020 with the design and creation of small purposeful home decor pieces that ranged from bowls and trays to sculptural pieces. We carved out a niche as both a design based retail company as well as a bespoke furniture business. Initially, we were recognised for our smaller items such as trays, candles, mugs, bowls, and kitchenwares. Websites such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Preview Philippines, Rockwellist and Rappler have featured us as a purveyor of home goods. As our company expanded so did our range of services. 
Customised Home Decoration
We can customise most any design that is available on our website or Instagram pages. If you see a product but want to be scaled up or down, feel free to send us a message to customise the product to your liking. Anything goes - from size, to shape, to colour of the stone. One collaboration we're very proud of was the Vania Romoff Casa Collection that was featured in Philippine Tatler, NoliSoli, and Metro Style magazines.
These photos displayed above were some of the custom sculptures and trays that we manufactured in collaboration with Vania Romoff Philippines. In addition, we can craft most anything for retail clients without any minimum order quantities involved. For example, in the photos below, we created customised sculptures for a client's Makati home at low order quantities of 1-2 pieces. This collaboration can still be shopped via Vania's website or her retail store in Rockwell.
Lastly, we can also craft small home decor items in ceramics. These require a 20 unit minimum for custom pieces. Some examples are shown below which we crafted for our client Pepper PH (a media company focused on food products and recipes) for their webstore.
Bespoke Furniture Pieces
Similarly, clients may want to create their own large furniture pieces such as Dining Tables, Side Tables, Buffet Tables, or Consoles. The general process for quotations is the client needs a reference image or product that we can base the shape off of. If its a wholly original design then a sketch or drawing would suffice. Next we would need to determine the dimensions required. Lastly, the stone or materials to be used need to be finalised for quotation. Despite stone being our specialty, we do also work with a range of materials like wood, metal, and glass. Thus, the combinations that client's may create with us are wide ranging.
Pictured Above: A wavy limestone coffee table we created for a client which was a modified version of our original design. On the right we created a Silver Wave Marble Dining Table for a client's home which was based off of a similar design they had seen in a store abroad but wanted to modify to fit their tastes and their home.
Refurbished Furniture
To promote a circular economy and general sustainability, we do accept orders for refurbishing old marble furniture pieces. This can come in the form of re-buffing and re-polishing an existing piece or it can be re-purposing a client's existing frame or table that had a broken top. In the latter case we can add a fresh stone piece on top to make the item look as good as new. 
Restaurant & Retail Store Supply and Installation
We have worked with a range of restaurants and retail vendors as a custom manufacturer of both furniture, small decor pieces, and countertops. The photos below are from our installation project at Sobra Cafe in Molito Alabang. At this restaurants we did all their dining tables and their bar countertops.
We also have done a clothing store for the client's Zoo Label (images below). Here we crafted their dining table, coffee table, plinth, and also the decorative marble chain links.
Direct Slab Supply
We have a range of stones available for purchase either cut to size or as a whole slab. For client's who want to buy whole marble slabs for delivery within Metro Manila then this is something we can organise. For client's outside Metro Manila - we highly recommend that they have us cut the slabs down into their required sizes prior to shipment to better protect them in transit. Some colours we have (but not limited to) include the following:
Pictured Above: Black Dragon Marble & Carrara Bianco Marble
Pictured Above: Italian Arabescato Marble & New York Marble
 Pictured Above: Arabescato Corchia & Olympus White