TERRAZZO. Terrazzo is a concrete based material that uses marble and onyx chips to create a confetti like appearance. Widely used in Italian homes and designs, Terrazzo has recently gained popularity due to the eco-friendly aspect of its design. By repurposing small chips that would normally be considered a waste by-product of traditional stone carving, Terrazzo is formed. The trays are water-proof unlike marble which is typically sensitive to moisture. They're extremely durable and earth-friendly.

Size Guide: 10" x 14" (25.4 x 35.6cm) 

Disclaimer: This is a limited collection. If the colour of your tray is out of stock kindly send us an e-mail: admin@renwares.store so we can try to accommodate you should someone cancel an order. Do not try to place an order through here as the stock will not be replenished in the near future.

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