100% Pure Marble. Handmade in the Philippines, these marble products contribute to the island economies within the Visayas region, wherein marble crafts are the main livelihood of dwellers. Each item is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen, whose trade has passed through generations of family members. Due to the hand crafted nature of the products and the natural stone that it is composed of, no two trays are the same. Please expect variations to the marbling you see in the photos.

Size Guide: 10 x 14 inches (≈25 x 35.50 inches) 

Disclaimer: If the colour of your tray is out of stock you may still order one and we'll make one for you then send out your order. Lead time for creating a new tray is about 2 weeks. So kindly expect the added wait.

Colour Guide: 

The trays are made of natural marble so they may vary slightly from the photos with the tone and veining. Filipino White Marble is characterised with gray streaks and veins that give the distinguishing patterns that make it so popular. However with small pieces you may receive a piece that contains more of a gray streak and thus the tone may look a bit darker than those photographed. The same goes for Century Marble, which contains gold, gray, and brown veins. A small piece may have more brown than gold, or gray than brown, etc. Romblon Black can look very gray to dark gray and is not pitch black like imported black marbles because it has a lot of small white veins throughout.

Marble Care: DO NOT use in the microwave. You may use marble within conventional ovens however we do not recommend exposing it to high heats as there is the potential for cracking. It is up to the customer's discretion. However there are some things you can do to ensure your tray is well maintained:

1. Do not place liquids in the trays as it may cause staining

2. Do not use the trays with any citrus juices or liquids (acidic, causes erosion)

3. Re-apply your own sealant after some time (fresh coats prevent staining)

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